Hello and Welcome!

My name is Sandra, founder and author of Oak Hippo. I believe in a more sustainable future, reusing what we already have, and living simply to reduce stress and increase our wallets. I plan on writing articles on how to reduce our waste, DIY projects, advice on maintaining mental wellness, and tips for saving money even on low incomes.

During the past few years I have spent my free time researching the best ways to save our earth, health, and wallets. As it turns out, they all coincide together quite beautifully. In the same ways we can save on groceries we can help the earth by choosing better products. Accordingly, those same groceries are better for our own health. I’ve learned how to live simply and spend time wisely. Time is our most precious resource we have as individuals, and I will teach you how to manage it properly.

Likewise I write about how to manage our wallets and how to make the most out of our money even on exceptionally tight budgets. In addition to helping you maintain your fiscal health, I also aim to improve your mental health. I believe all around health is important, not only within our bodies but outside of them as well. That means living in a clean and healthy environment both in our homes and our planet. I aim to show people how easy it can be to stay organized in their homes, minds, busy schedules, and in their bank accounts.

My Mission Here at Oak Hippo.

With each post I hope that you gain something useful that will cause more tranquility and ease within your life. Whether it just be a natural DIY skincare recipe, an article that teaches how to control emotions, or a template for saving money, I always aim to help simplify our lives so that we may have more peace within and outside ourselves on a day to day basis.

Happy reading, sweetest regards,
Sandra aka Oak Hippo

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